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You can do nothing and hope an eager new customer finds you. Or you could consider paid search advertising.

We know you want to be the first, ‘go to’ company in your field in Google. We know you’d prefer to have the first opportunity to discuss and pitch for any business before the rest of your competitors. After all, you’re not the only one looking to capture the hearts and attention of thousands of possible customers.

If your company is not ranking high enough organically with SEO or is failing miserably to get exposure, there are solutions.

paid search advertising is one of them

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paid search advertising

is where you pay to appear in relevant searches

As Google Partners, Molly Franks can help you achieve better results in search engine rankings by ensuring sure you’re getting the best exposure for your money.

search engine marketing

or pay per click (ppc) advertising

The bid market for keywords can be competitive as advertisers attempt to outbid each other for better placement at the top of paid listings. Done well, PPC Advertising can be one of the fastest and most cost-effective marketing approaches to driving targeted visitors to your online business. Done badly, you may as well set fire to your money. There is no other better search engine than Google and it’s the prominent search engine we work with. Any other search engine would be like cooking without fire.

Send traffic directly to the page they’re interested in

Every visitor you send via PPC ads should land on a page designed to be as engaging as possible to their interests. If you direct them to your homepage, you’re making them work to find the information they expected to see immediately, leading to higher bounce rates, missed conversion opportunities and unnecessary ad expenses. The results are worth the effort, fortunately for you we also design custom landing pages.

We keep track of the conversions

Tracking the number of  visitors who enter your sales funnel from an AdWords click and go on to become paying customers means we focus your future ad spend and recommend which campaigns should be ramped up and which ad groups or keywords should be dropped.


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If you’d like something different than than our listed packages, we’re happy to discuss variations to the social media platforms and/or different budgets to meet your business needs.

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