eight seconds

A dandelion in a breeze may just last longer than the average online attention span.

Landing pages allow you to capture a visitor’s information through a lead form and that form is an opportunity to convert a visitor. Whether it’s for an ebook or to purchase a product, first impressions are critical because you should be optimising for instant conversion.

The more intelligence you have about your leads, the better you can market to them. The better you can target your marketing, the more likely you’ll convert them to customers.

The more landing pages, the more leads generated. The more leads generated means a better conversion rate. A better conversion rate equals a happy business.

are you starting to feel happier?

get connected

and kick-ass

make a great first impression

with a custom landing page

Designed and populated for conversion. Your message is the focus and you need to show and tell because people process images faster than words. Your landing page needs to both impress and be simple enough to move consumers through the conversion funnel and one step closer to your goal.

a marketing campaign without

a dedicated landing page is like bacon without eggs. Not as good.

Dedicated landing pages are standalone pages designed and tailored to a specific marketing campaign that is only accessible from the call to action link you’ve provided in your marketing content.

Landing pages fall into two categories:

  1. to capture leads so you can market to people in the future (a lead generation page), or
  2. to “warm up” potential customers to the product you want to sell them (a click through page).

A Lead Generation page

Enables you to get someone’s email address, which means you have permission to continue talking/marketing to them. Once you have their email address, you can try to convert them into a customer through a combination of email and landing pages.

Click-through pages

Are designed to be a channel between a marketing ad and it’s final destination (the service/product you want to sell) and provides enough information to the buyer about why they should purchase before pushing them further down the funnel, either to a shopping cart or checkout.

The Marketing Campaign

A Landing page is important to your marketing campaign’s success because it is designed for one purpose only – as a conversion tool.

Yes, you could direct them to your home page which is designed to encourage further exploration of your site but then your visitor would have to search for what they were specifically interested in. If you were looking for a particular type of widget and you landed at the front of the store, when you thought you were going directly to the aisle that had the widget, you wouldn’t be terribly happy would you.


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