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We’re small but smart and savvy. We create content and digital marketing campaigns to improve your bottom line.

There’s nothing to be gained from being part of the herd, unless you’re a gazelle in the Serengeti and a lion is stalking, then being part of the herd is good. Very, very good. We wouldn’t recommend you move from your spot in the middle though. But you’re not in the Serengeti, you’re here, which probably means you don’t want to be part of the herd.

We’re going to be the best weapon in your arsenal to boost your business.

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Being a wallflower doesn’t cut it online and digital advertising is both social and effective. The ability to effectively target your audience on different platforms means you no longer have to sit every dance out. Think of us as your personal wingman.

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Sound SEO practices remain critical to optimizing demand for your products or services. As certified and accredited Google Analytic Strategists, we analyse your copy, meta data and keywords to deter­mine how well you’re positioned for search engines. Then we test, measure and analyse search engine rankings and web traffic to determine the effectiveness of your search engine visibility.

time to stop playing hide and seek

What gets measured, gets improved

eight seconds

A dandelion in a breeze may just last longer than the average online attention span. The more intelligence you have about your leads, the better you can market to them. The better you can target your marketing, the more likely you’ll convert them to customers. A better conversion rate equals a happy business.

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the who

Andrew has been designing and leading advertising and marketing campaigns for 20 years and is connected to a network of smart, savvy individuals from web designers to content creators, who work together to create digital campaigns that kick-ass.

He is also a published author with Random House/Penguin; a notable professional public and conference speaker with a passion for Health and Education initiatives; and has a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA).

Prior to Molly-Franks, he played an integral part in numerous nationwide campaigns as National Features Advertising Manager with the Agency Department of APN/NZHerald (now NZME).

He believes to be successful in a competitive business climate, clients should be innovative and savvy, looking to trends before they become mainstream.

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